Terms and Conditions


  1. If I am offered and accept employment on a site, information will be provided to the client and/or their authorised service provider about my mobilisation, including that I have satisfactorily met pre-employment checks, such as a Fitness for Work Medical, and information gathered during the site, such as induction and training records and my demobilisation details. 
  2.  I understand that if I am offered and accept employment on a site with the Company, our client and/or their authorised service provider, may provide the information to other authorised service providers, engaged to manage matters relating to employment on the site.
  3. I understand that the information may also be used and disclosed by the Company’ clients’ authorised service providers for the purpose of confirming my suitability for employment opportunities in connection with other sites that may arise in the future and for managing matters in connection with my employment on other future sites.
  4. Should I be engaged with the Company on a site and subsequently be engaged with a new or additional contractor organisation, I authorise the information held about me by the client and/or their authorised service provider to be made available to the new or additional contractor organisation.
  5. I understand that the information will be held on a database and if I wish to, I can contact Monadelphous at PO Box 600, VICTORIA PARK WA 6100 to request this information. I can also request to correct or update the information and I understand that the terms contained in this form supersede the terms of any previous registration forms signed by me.
  6. I certify that the information set out above in this form to the best of my knowledge, true and accurate.
  7. I understand the Company reserves the right to verify all information. Any false statements will be sufficient to cause my rejection as an applicant, my dismissal if hired, or termination of my agreement or contract.