The Monadelphous Way

Monadelphous people believe in what we stand for and it doesn’t take a lot to notice. Our culture is palpable. You'll hear them refer to the Monadelphous Way, or the Mono's Experience. We take care of our customers and each other and when you join Monadelphous, you are more than just an employee, you’re part of the Monadelphous family!

One in, all in. 

Our culture is a big part of our success, so it’s important for us that our people reflect the strong values that underpin our culture at Monadelphous. Our culture is at the heart of every job we do, ensuring we deliver what we promise. It’s how we care about our mates - both on and off the job - and it’s about the way we celebrate the wins and learn from our losses. Sound like you? Join us.

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The Owner's Mindset

At Monadelphous we’re proud of our strong, collaborative culture. Our people share a collective ownership of the way we operate, which translates into a powerful sense of purpose and a strong collaborative culture. When you join us, we’ll ask you to embrace this ‘Owners Mindset’ too: To look after our customer sites like they are our own, to look out for work-mates and their safety and to celebrate the wins but also learn from our losses.

"The Monadelphous Way"

All of our employees are custodians of this culture and help reinforce our way of working. The Monadelphous culture is what is real and what is experienced by each and every employee and it cannot be mandated or directed. We try to reiterate the key elements of our culture across as many touchpoints as possible because it’s important we provide clarity around the way we treat each other and approach our work.

All Monadelphous employees play a part in maintaining the aspects of our culture that have led to our success. We ‘Walk the talk’ by embedding our guiding principles into every touchpoint: From top end strategy through to day-to-day interactions. We ensure our culture is maintained by utilising the knowledge and skills of those who live "The Monadelphous Way". We also ensure that the core aspects of our culture are shared across the business and are reflected in all our processes and actions.

We see the communication of stories as an important mechanism to convey this information and we recognise the need to ensure our “cultural champions” are distributed across the business.

Our goal is to have all our people perform their roles in "the Monadelphous Way".

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