Life at Monadelphous

Everyone at Monadelphous has a unique story, and this diversity drives our spark. But while we celebrate our differences, we share our values.

Our stories

Meet our people

Across our workforce you’ll find thousands of stories of how Monadelphous people jumped at an opportunity, sought out an adventure and appreciated the camaraderie they found at Monadelphous. Our people are highly competent, share strong values and aren’t afraid of a good hard day’s work.

Meet us

The Monos magic

Monadelphous people believe in what we stand for and it doesn’t take a lot to notice. Our culture is palpable. Some call it the “Mono’s Way”, “Mono’s Magic” or the “Mono’s Experience”. We take care of our customers and each other. When you join Monadelphous, you are more than just an employee, you’re part of the Monadelphous family. Find out more