I love my job - there is so much variety! Here's a typical day, although days are never typical at Monadelphous!

The best part about the graduate program at Monadelphous is that there’s lots of different opportunities within the company and different career avenues you can take – it’s all about giving it a go and working it out along the way!



Fly-in Day. I packed my bag the night before. Usually I would wear my high visibility site clothing on the plane, as we usually head straight to site once we land. Necessities for the flight to work include headphones, a jumper (in case it gets cold) snacks and a book. My rosters are usually 2 weeks on 1 week off and 3 weeks on 1 week off.


Board Flight. I board my plane which is going to Newman, where the Jimblebare Mine is located near. The other site that I have worked on is BHP’s Port in Port Hedland. As I board the flight, I already know the playlist I am going to listen to during the flight – (insert favourite song). The breakfast food on the morning flight is not bad and the flights can be quite relaxing in the morning – everyone is very quiet as they are typically asleep!


Arrival. Usually, we arrive in a local airport close to where the project is based. Once we land, we will usually get picked up at the airport from by one of the other site staff members.


Getting to base. The trip will typically take 15 minutes to an hour depending on what site you are based at. It’s always good catching up with other work friends in the car and everyone is always eager to hear about what you got up to in your time off. A lot can happen in a week away from the job so we will typically also spend the car ride catching up on what we’ve missed.


Getting to site. The drive to site is usually about 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the location of the project. We perform prestart on the vehicle to make it’s safe to drive to site. This involves safety alerts, recognition of mateship and safety performance within crews, discussions about the day’s activities and stretches!


Time to get into it. There such a variety of work at Monadelphous, which I think is great highlight of the graduate program. No day is the same and we perform a variety of different tasks every day and get to tap into different skillsets and experience. We work on different types of projects for different clients. My morning usually consists of meetings with staff and prestart with construction personnel. I usually attend internal meetings, meetings with the client and meetings with subcontractor representatives, site visits to work areas and quality inspections.


Break time. On site, the facilities we have access to are basic as they’re generally temporary facilities but everything you need is there – an endless supply of coffee and a pie warmer! It’s what you make of it – on one of my previous projects we grew a small garden from seeds which was a good mini project to have on the side. 

I’ve also witnessed many hard working individuals around me rise to success through hard work and commitment to the company, so smoko time is a great time for everyone to take a moment during the day to relax and get to know your co-workers on a more personal level.


Back to work. Discussions with suppliers (usually over the phone), reporting and checking of progress against the project schedule, schedule look ahead to see what is required to prepare for upcoming construction activities, on the spot problem solving, debriefing and planning for the next day. The best part about the graduate program at Monadelphous is that there’s lots of different opportunities within the company and different career avenues you can take – it’s all about giving it a go and working it out along the way!


Lunch time. Camp food is not bad – I usually would eat a variety of food including salads, wraps, smoothies, sausage rolls and whatever desserts they have available! I often sit with my co-workers and get know a lot of people. Lots of Monadelphous employees have been around for over 20 years – So it’s very interesting hearing about their work experiences and how they got to where they are today!


Knock off time. Depending on the roster, knock-off time is usually 5:30pm or 6pm. We typically will share utes and it can take 10 minutes to half an hour depending on the camp location.


Back to Camp. The rooms at camp are always pretty standard – bed, desk, closet, TV and bathroom. I’ve been based at some great camps that have had gyms, movie rooms, pubs, small shops, mini golf courses, squash courts and swimming pools. I used to love building swimming into my after-work routine - the Pilbara sky is quite nice to look at on a warm evening from the pool! It’s also fun catching up with colleagues for dinner or attending team barbeques. When I get back to camp, I usually go to the gym, have dinner with colleagues, talk to friends and family back home, watch TV and relax. What I have for dinner usually depends what is available but my favourite camp meals are schnitzel and veggies, soup and fish and chips (usually on Fridays).


Time to Relax. Since today was fly-in day, I usually head to bed around 7-7:30pm. I usually take this time to relax either by reading a book or prepping for the next day. But I will quickly head to the mess to grab my lunch for the next day before I settle in my room.


Lights out. While onsite, I try to make sure I have good sleep. I usually get up early the next morning, sometimes having a 4:30am or 5:30am start, depending on my roster.


See yourself in this picture?